Centennial Middle School Student Wins Poetry Award

Arizona Youth Poetry Contest – Grade 8 – First Place

Francesca Navarro ~ Yuma, Arizona

Centennial Middle School

The Mirror


The mirror was her enemy.

It only ever reflected back her imperfections

That everyone said were perfect

And she would agree.

But she didn't have to believe to agree

and that was what she knew.

For many years she would walk

By mirrors and they would crack

Under the pressure and stress she omitted.

All except this one.


A total of three

mirrors had broken down

Since she was a child

But she can't remember the third,

Only how the shards cut her.

The mirror had left her unclean

And she knew she would never be

Dirt free.


And here she stood staring

At the mirror that just

Wouldn't shatter.

And she cried.

She cried and she

Punched that mirror until it

Shattered just like the rest.

And she looked down at the

Shattered pieces and

For once the mirror showed

Back her real self.


And in shattered pieces

She smiled and waved

And the mirror smiled back.



I’m the girl who

Broke the mirror.