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We want to congratulate our wrestling team for another winning season as they win 5 matches as a team, they had several wrestlers go undefeated on the season and had two student athletes medal in the championships this past Saturday at Kofa High. We want to thank Coach Magana, Coach Higgins and Coach Mitchell for all the hard work and dedication they put in this program. Thank you to all the families that helped get their student athletes to practices, tournaments and being there to support our program.

Centennial Middle School Wrestlers

Here is your 2023 CTMS Wrestling roster one more time. 

Alejandro De Los Reyes

Alejandro Valdez Davalos

Alonso Rubio

Anthony Lopez

Anthony Orozco

Austin Scott

Chelsea Nicole Cisneros

Cody Ramsay

Cristian Herredia

Damian Prieto

Damien Chavoya

Dylan Kyle

Easton Dahin

Eli Valdez

Emanuel Coronado

Eric Len Keeny Camarillo II

Ethan Garcia

Geeno Sanchez

Isaiah Clark

Jaycko Silva

Jayden Sorrell

John Dallabetta

Jonah L Garcia

Jorge Salazar

Julio A. Gonzalez

Kase King

Leonardo Perez

Madden Martin

Markell McDonald

Sebastian Ramos

Tatum Bohner

Thomas Crase

Tyler Cokney

Victor Mendoza



Centennial Softball Team


We want to give a big Wolf pack shout out to our 7th grade softball team that worked so hard this year and made it to the semi finals to be the top 4 teams in our city.  They lost a close game to Castle dome but played the best they played all year. Kai scored twice as the Designated runner, Chevelle and Carissa had great hitting, Nuvia, Makenna and Hope made clutch plays in defense and Alizee and Arlene held down the pitching/catching combo that beat many teams all year. We want to say thank you to the families and fans that came out and supported our teams all season and we look forward to next quarter being just as successful. Please give it up one last time for your 7th grade Semi-Finalist softball team:


Arlene J. Valdez

Isabella Siqueiroz

Kailoni Mendiola

Alizee Sotelo

Nayla Moran

Chevelle Ramos

McKenna Laurel

Summer St. Pierre

Aliyah N. Sandoval-Gaytan

Nuvia Diaz

Hope Navarro

Harlee Garcia

Brianna Felix

Shayla Rodriguez

Clarissa Bojorquez

Danna Sanchez



8th Grade Softball Team

8th grade ctms softball played their hearts out and with the missing of two starters they feel short 12-9. Great leadership by captain Emily , we are so proud of our 8th grade team . 


Francesca Navarro

Emma Grosch

Kohima Aliyah Mendiola

Emily Sanchez 

Leilani Martinez

Cyrene Martinez 

Madison Lagasca

Anabel Lopez 

Gabriela gonzalez 

Alyena Carrillo

Natalie cuen

Olivia Ibarra

Avril conde

Harmony Tellez

Coach Cuen 


7th Grade Girls' Basketball


We want to congratulate our 7th grade girls basketball on a great season. They started turning it around and won their last two games that allowed them to make the playoffs. Here is their roster 2023 7th grade girls basketball team.

















8th Grade Girls' Basketball

We want to give a big Wolfpack howl for our 8th grade girls basketball. They played their best game of their two years here but came up short by 4 points. They end their middle school basketball career with a 90% victory percentage and a 18-2 record. They are back to back division champs and we are so proud of them and can’t wait to see what they do next quarter. Here is your 2023 8th grade girls basketball team roster.



Captain Kayln

Captain Frankie

Captain Emily









We want to thank Coach Mitchell who did a great job with the 7th grade boys as they had a tough loss yesterday 5-2. We are so proud of them making it to the semi finals after a slow start to the season. 

Let’s give a Wolfpack howl one last time. Here is your 2023 7th grade roster.  



Aden Cortez

Anthony Valadez

Ari Gonzalez

Azriel Trujillo

Benjamin Antonelli

Brayden Olivaras

Christian Hernandez

Dominic Dumo

Ethan Garcia

Ethan Trujillo

Iker Anaya

Isaac Lazaro

Jorge Salazar

Joseph Herrera

Julian Negrete

Luis Lorenzo

Marthony Carrillo

Mateo Aguirre

Nathan Cerda

Nathan Lopez

Ryan Zaragoza

Juan Romero

Roberto Cruz

Boys Soccer

8th grade boys soccer earned a 2nd Place Trophy in the championship match after an intense shootout versus San Luis. We didn't make it easy for San Luis. Wolves gave everything they had in the field and it showed. Players have learned the most powerful lesson of what it means to believe in oneself. Once they found it they have built a legacy of never letting others underestimate their true potential. That is the true trophy. Coach Lerma and Cordoba are so proud of everything this team has accomplished. They left the field as Champions! Go Wolves! 

Boys Soccer

We want to thank our Spirit Squad for all the hard work they put in the first semester. They did halftime shows, Parades, assemblies and helped with concessions all season long. Thank you to Coach Baker and Coach Rico for all the hard work you do!

Spirit Squad


Sophia Flores

Nelly Garcia Rodriguez

Julio Gonzalez

Sofia Hernandez Beltran

Mayah Miles

Isabella Munoz

Bella Putzu

Ariana Rey

Jaelynn Rivera-Conde

Maliah Schwartz-Jackson

Leilani Sprouse

Arleen Teran-Prieto

Bella Rueda

Yarettzi Sanchez

Avril Lomeli Marroquin



Joaquine Pina

Mr. Pina is currently a 7th Grade Lead Math Teacher at Centennial Middle School. He is certified in math and business and teaches Special Education, General Education, and GAP Education. He is a leader for "Get Your Teach On" professional development method.
Please contact him with any questions regarding athletics at CtMS.
 Joaquine Pina